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DONELON, P.C. is a law practice focused in class action and complex litigation including wage and hour class claims, consumer fraud matters, and whistle blower claims under the False Claims Act. It often takes strength in numbers to challenge large corporations’ practices of denying employees their just compensation, protecting the public from unfair business practices, and supporting whistle blowers who report companies ripping off the government.

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  • Wage and Overtime Claims
    • OVER $100 Million in settlements for lost wages
    • Called a “Supervisor,” “Manager,” “salaried employee,” or “contract employee?”
    • Working off the clock before or after your shifts?
    • Asked not to report all hours worked?
    • Working during unpaid breaks?
    • Click here for free wage and hour rights brochure
    • Call 1-844-i-want-OT for free consultation. You may be entitled to overtime.
  • Whistle Blower Claims for Fraud Against the Government If you have firsthand knowledge of a company defrauding the government (e.g., government contractors, Medicare, Medicaid), you can bring a claim on behalf of the United States under the
    False Claims Act and collect up to 30% of any monies recovered.
  • Consumer Fraud Class Actions Being charged unfair or undisclosed fees? Product you purchased not what was promised in advertisements? There are various state and federal laws that protect you from such unfair practices.


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